Andrea Stitt Photography | Andrea Stitt Artist | Pratt Art Walk Photo Shoot

Andrea Stitt Artist | Pratt Art Walk Photo Shoot

June 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Andrea Stitt Artist

Pratt Art Walk Photo Shoot | Pratt, KS


My newest venture now is painting. Not that I think I am professional by any means, but if there is a market for what I create then I'll do what I can. This is something I picked up as a summer hobby, but it has since been turned into a passion. For me it is therapy, something so soothing it just takes me away. I have been brought closer to Christ through my journey and life experiences over the past year, and this outlet is just one way for me to give back.

I entered into our local Art Walk as apart of Miss. Kansas week. I knew then that I needed to crank out multiple paintings and take photos of my artwork for some publicity. I also knew that simply taking pictures of my paintings hanging on the wall was not going to cut it. So I ventured outside having in mind of putting them under a tree or up against the fence, when I realized our shed was decidedly the perfect backdrop. You do not have to wonder if the color of the bricks or the door is correct because they are indeed are.

Other Place BarnOther Place Barn Other Place BarnOther Place Barn Lake Perry SunriseLake Perry Sunrise Barn Between the TreesBarn Between the Trees Pond at DuskPond at Dusk Kansas Twilight StreamKansas Twilight Stream


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