Andrea Stitt Photography | Evelyn | Sunrise Shoot

Evelyn | Sunrise Shoot

April 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Sunrise Shoot | Pratt, KS


My big girl Evelyn turned two. She is such a little sweetheart, but you will see anything but that with this session. She wanted nothing to do with pictures and everything to do with mommy. I did eventually get her to run around, too bad she was too fast more me to snap pictures of. I had to take multiples at one second just to get a good one, and even then we were both going after each other. Well at least the first ones came out like I wanted, even though she is crying through them. I really did love the location and will attempt to re-do this session further on down the road. She'll still be two so it will all be the same in the end, her hair just may be longer!


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