Andrea Stitt Photography | Evelyn | Paisley Dress

Evelyn | Paisley Dress

October 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Mini Session

It's Fall| Pratt, KS


This was literally one of those moments where I asked Evelyn if she wanted her picture taken and she said yes. She ran right to the back door before I had the change to even consider what I was going to do. There was not planning. I looked in her closet and after a few tries we settled on this dress. Of course she had to wear he boots, which were on the wrong foot the whole time (something I noticed once we got back inside). My mom brought apples in a basket just the weekend prior so I grab it for a prop and her rocking chair to sit in. I was really pleased with how the portraits of her turned out. Those seem to always be her best. Anything else she is just playing around, as you can see but the second to last photo. I wanted some of her standing so you could really see how cute she looked, but that idea was spoiled and our session was cut short. Needless to say we had a run-in with the dog and needed a good cry. 


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