Andrea Stitt Photography | Evelyn | 14 months

Evelyn | 14 months

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Rose

14 month Portraits | Topeka, KS


Now that Evelyn is one and I am no longer taking her photos every week, I look for any excuse to take her photos. My excuse this time around is plain and simple, she is fourteen months old. Not really a milestone but what the heck. We are getting ready to move so I wanted to take at least one photo session at one of my favorite locations. I highly doubt I will come back to this place so I wanted some cute photos to remember it by. Evelyn wasn't really into looking at me but that wasn't out of the ordinary. She did enjoy playing in the tall grass which gave me some great shots of the back of her dress. It was early in the day but the sun was high enough in the sky (with it being summer and all) that the only good spots for light were in the shade. I brought my flash which lasted halfway through. With this being a quick trip that was the last thing on my mind. Too bad my back-ups were dead too. Anyways the second half of my photos weren't great. I was so quick with trying to capture her cuteness that I didn't really stop to change the settings. I still adore these photos even if they are not really of the quality that I pref to put behind my name.


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