Andrea Stitt Photography | Lucas, Deacon, Evelyn | Child Session

Lucas, Deacon, Evelyn | Child Session

April 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Lucas, Deacon, Evelyn

Cousin Portraits | Topeka, KS


These three are just months apart from one another. Evelyn had just turned one a few days prior to these photos. Deacon was almost thirteen months and Lucas was just a little over fifteen months old. Evelyn and Deacon are actual cousins and cousins with Lucas once removed. If you happen to look close enough you may notice some similarities between the three of them. As you can image with toddlers who are walking, or in Evelyn's case just starting to walk, there was not a lot of sitting time. Hence why there are fewer photos of Deacon, he was too busy running around. The sunset made for a lovely backdrop, though I am not a fan of sunspots, but I worked with what I had. Our attempt was just to just one photo of the three of them together. I don't if we actually succeeded but we got some cute ones in the process.


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