Andrea Stitt Photography | Evelyn | 11 Months

Evelyn | 11 Months

March 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Rose

11 Months | Topeka, KS


Evelyn is on her way to walking. Yes she is very mobile. Before she is one I can see her running. If you put her walker in front of her, she takes off. She is standing up on her own from a sitting position, which is just crazy. She knows just what she wants and she goes for it which means she can open cabinet doors now. So guess who had to put in baby locks, not that it stops her from sticking her hands in the cabinet. She loves to stand and stare out the windows and talk to the dogs still. She has to be able to see them while she is eating I turn her chair to the window. If they are inside she loves to give them handouts. She loves food and blowing raspberries while she is eating, which may be funny but isn't always fun when she spits on you. She loves patty-cake and clapping her hands. She can even clap your hands. She loves her animal book which gives all the sounds the animals makes. She tries to repeat the words you say which is just adorable. Having conversations with her is so much fun. She can sit there and entertain herself all night long, which is better entertainment than the TV. She will stand next to the couch propped up against it to watch TV for awhile before moving onto the next thing.

How can my little girl be one month away from being ONE. She is just amazing and wonderful. I can't imagine life without her.


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