Andrea Stitt Photography | Evelyn | Week 46 Valentine's Day + Boxer Onesie

Evelyn | Week 46 Valentine's Day + Boxer Onesie

February 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Rose

314 + 319 days new | Topeka, KS


Valentine's day few on a Sunday so I got to snap a few photos of Evelyn early on this week. She on the other hand was more interested in eating the sticker than even thinking of looking at me for photos.

I was running out of ideas for this week, which has been my thing lately, when I realized there was a onesie I wanted photos of. I put Evelyn in it just decided to snap away and whatever she did was just going to be it. What I realized was that I had already done that way back when all she could do was roll from side to side. So for this week we are revisiting Evelyn at play. The onesie that was to be the focus only showed up once. I made an applique boxer onesie as one of Evelyn's Christmas presents. It is adorable but Evelyn just made it even cuter. She also is playing with another Christmas present, the lady bug car, which is just as cute itself. I had to say, again, that Evelyn's facial expressions just take the cake on this one.





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