Andrea Stitt Photography | Evelyn | 10 Months

Evelyn | 10 Months

February 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Rose

10 Months | Topeka, KS


We have a ten month old. It's crazy that I am saying that already. She has gotten so big and still she is so tiny. She is short and in 6/9 month clothes still. She loves to play, and babble, and yell and giggle. She runs amuck around the house with me chasing after her keeping her from climbing all over the dogs or playing with things I never thought she could reach. She's sneaky and quiet. You don't notice she has left the room until she squeals and you hear something drop on the floor. She enjoys looking out the window which are just at the right height for her little frame. She loves crumpling and shredding paper, watching things drop on the floor, standing on her tippi toes, and gnawing on everything. She loves fruit, especially bananas and oranges. If she sees something she wants she will do everything she can to get it and there is no trying to hide it from her. Since she was two months old she was able to sleep through the night, but it was never consistent day to day. Now most every night she sleeps for a nice nine hour stretch, which is nice for me. She is standing most of the time and learning to stand on her own. Her attempts at walking are short, she gets distracted and seems more interested in reaching her destination quicker. One of her favorite things is to wave at everyone, which just melts your heart. Just recently she learned to clap and loves to play patty cake. Mommy and baby dance everyday now which has become our favorite time of day. But play time with daddy is the best because he can make her giggle and squeal like no other. She is our little wonder and is the best thing in our lives.


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