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New to Andrea Stitt Photography | Photo Booth!

June 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

After a recent wedding I had this idea that I could do something similar in what they had for a photo booth. I really liked the way it was displayed and how it worked; the backdrop was a wedding quilt. I figured I might try it at a graduation party we were going to. They were OK with me doing it, so I set to figure out how to make it work. I used a quilt my mother had, it must be a king size because it is very large, which was perfect. Jeremy strung up a line between two trees and I clipped the quilt on top and bottom to keep it steady. We set up three stumps in front for people to sit. I have a softbox I use on my flash for portraits that I had set on a tripod and Jeremy was holding up my reflectors to block out the blaring sun. The set-up was very easy, but the effects came out really nice.

Check out our first photo booth for Alex's high school graduation party.

Photo BoothPhoto Booth



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