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Driving the Dirt Roads

June 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The morning was cloudy and it looked like it could rain any minute, so I took the opportunity to take a drive. I knew exactly where I wanted to go since Jeremy and I have been taking drives to see what was around our area. There is the one road that is full of twists, turns and a one lane bridge and I knew that was where I was headed. What was nice was that I knew I wouldn't have to worry about traffic while I was stopped, and even so I would hear them coming. I was looking for places that would be perfect for portraits. I found several places on my way to and back. The best spot has to be the architecture of the one lane bridge. I had never noticed how it as designed before when we've driven over it, but up close it is just perfect. There was a plaque dated 1917, and for a bridge that's almost one hundred years old it has stayed up very well. Now I'm only talking about the railing being that old since it's made of concrete. The area is covered in trees giving the illusion of a tunnel, which I always love. So if anyone is interested in taking photos at this location, let me know!


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