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Lemon's Park | Pratt, KS


I really enjoyed this session. It was been a long time since I have had the opportunity to capture pictures for a wonderfully fun couple. To top it off, they are getting married in June. I simply can not wait. For this session we were able to get the every last bit of sunlight left from the day. Between really cool backdrops and warm sun rays, we captured some great photos of these two. Not to mention their personality, which was evident throughout the whole session, shows up in quite a few of these teasers. 


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Evelyn | Cotton Field Evelyn Mini Session

Cotton Fields | Pratt, KS


I have been wanting to take pictures in a cotton field for some time. This was my first chance and it didn't disappoint. Sunset was the perfect time, the pinks and blues of the sky made a nice background. The glow of the sunset even showed up on Evelyn's face. I love the way these colors play together and the blue of her dress really pops. We could've went further into the cotton field to get better photos but Evelyn was not really having it. She really only gave me these few good photos. It was windy and she was cold and hungry but she still rocked these session. As always she finds something to hold on to to make her way through the quick session. Even when she tells me she wants to go home, I know that I can tell her she will get ice cream if I want her to take a few more.

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Evelyn | Paisley Dress Evelyn Mini Session

It's Fall| Pratt, KS


This was literally one of those moments where I asked Evelyn if she wanted her picture taken and she said yes. She ran right to the back door before I had the change to even consider what I was going to do. There was not planning. I looked in her closet and after a few tries we settled on this dress. Of course she had to wear he boots, which were on the wrong foot the whole time (something I noticed once we got back inside). My mom brought apples in a basket just the weekend prior so I grab it for a prop and her rocking chair to sit in. I was really pleased with how the portraits of her turned out. Those seem to always be her best. Anything else she is just playing around, as you can see but the second to last photo. I wanted some of her standing so you could really see how cute she looked, but that idea was spoiled and our session was cut short. Needless to say we had a run-in with the dog and needed a good cry. 

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Evelyn | Bama Dog Evelyn Mini Session

Bama Dog| Pratt, KS


As sweet as this session was, this was about all I got from these two. One would cooperate while the other ran away, and then they would switch places. I had Evelyn hold dog food in her hand just to get Bama to sit by her side. It worked obviously but I would have liked to have had more from this shoot. I think we may try something like this again.

I added the last photo just for fun. Who doesn't love a sour face?!

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Evelyn | Sorghum Field Evelyn Mini Session

Sorghum Field| Pratt, KS


I really had intentions of finding a sunflower field to take Evelyn's pictures, but I had no such luck. The one I found was an hour away and I really didn't want to make the drive just for my own benefit. So we drove and I found a perfect spot in between two sorghum fields. One thing to make note of is bug spray, we were swarmed by sweat bees the whole time. This is one good thing about taking photos for a maximum of fifteen minutes, you can pack up when you've had enough. Another thing to make note, Evelyn is a future model. I don't know how she does it but as I have stated before I do not pose her. I did set the chair where I wanted it, she kept moving it, and I did tell her to stand inside the first row. Other than that, these are all her, "I stand here", no "here", and so on. There were some really candid moments of her during this session and you can view them on her full gallery page.

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Evelyn | Phone Talks Evelyn Mini Session

Sailor Dress| Pratt, KS


I had taken photos previously of Evelyn in her sailor dress with her toy phone, but was not impressed with the quality. For some reason we re-took them and they turned out darling. Evelyn loves getting her picture taken. It probably has to do with the fact that she is the center of attention and gets to show her personality off. Both of with she does so well. The entire time she carried around her phone saying she was getting her picture taken. I didn't even have to ask who she was talking to because it was just to cute. No she did not sit still the whole time, but that did not matter. When she did sit, she rocked her portraits! You can even see where she got bored of whoever she was talking to and decided to show her discomfort in her face. Of course she ended the session with a smile that was just wonderful.

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Evelyn | Teepee Evelyn Mini Session

Whimsical Teepee| Pratt, KS


I have always envisioned taking pictures of Evelyn with a tent or teepee. For some reason I got the wild hair to do just that one evening last week. It was nice outside and I had nothing better to do. I have been taking photos of my paintings on the backside of our shed and that area was where I wanted to set-up for this session. What I didn't realize was that just standing back there would get Evelyn excited. She walked right up to the door step, sat down, and said "take my picture". I hadn't even said anything or done anything to suggest that was what I was going to do, so of course I went with it. Setting up the "teepee" was difficult and Evelyn loved knocking it down. That really got we concerned and I was about to scrap the whole idea. Telling Evelyn I would take her picture if she would keep it up seemed to work because once we got started she didn't even bother to touch it. Now for being a two year old I was quite surprised at how well she did with this session. Before when I've taken her picture it was all fun and games. This time she was a perfect little model, and even more so when I gave her a "treat", if you can consider an apple a treat. All and all these photos have to be some of my favorites. 


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Whtehair Famlly | Lifestyle Session Whitehair Family

Family + One Year Session| Abilene, KS


I always love getting the chance to take photos for our friends. This family is no exception, with two adorable little girls there is always a chance to capture some great shots. I had taken Julianne's newborn photos, so getting to take her one year photos just showed how much she had chanced and also looked like her sister Abigail. We started out attempting to take in-home family photos, like we had for their last session, but with two little ones it was an understandable struggle. We had already made arrangements to go on location to a wheat field outside of town to capture their family photos, so it all ended up working for the best. Being that the girls were short it only naturally made sense to hold them, and it was a tad warm so we worked quickly to get through the photos. The girls may have not wanted to look at the camera but they still managed to create some endearing family moments which is what I strive for. me until today that I had two photo shoots of windmi

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Fine Art | Kansas Windmills Kansas Windmills

Evening + Sunset Landscapes| Pratt, KS


I recently was interested in finding local spots to take pictures, not only for clients but for just the plain beauty of Kansas Landscapes. It was one evening that I decided to drive around and spotted the perfect spot, a drive up to a windmill. The sky was lovely and I loved the lighting. So I set up shop and snapped away trying to get just the right composition and settings. This is a definite starting block for me. As for painting inspiration I will be creating more of these pictures in the future.

It didn't occur to me until today that I had two photo shoots of windmills, a sort of before and after. That was not my intent. I actually just happened to be bored one evening, the Royals had a late game, and so I went for a drive. I drove past the lake thinking I'll just go and see where this road takes me. I had driven down it before but stopped one payment ended. It was this evening that I realized the road would take me to the windmills. So that's where I went. It was close to sunset so I drove till I had the sun behind the windmill. I had never been this close to one before. I was at the drive that led straight to it. The evening was so quiet and peaceful I could actually hear the windmills moving. I did have trouble getting a composition that I liked. They are not exactly the easiest thing to shoot, you know they are quite tall and they move. There were actually windmills behind me which got me thinking I could take sunrise photos here as well. I know I will be back because I want to play around more getting the settings and lighting just the way I like them.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have other ideas of what I can take pictures of for another photo shoot.

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Andrea Stitt Artist | Pratt Art Walk Photo Shoot Andrea Stitt Artist

Pratt Art Walk Photo Shoot | Pratt, KS


My newest venture now is painting. Not that I think I am professional by any means, but if there is a market for what I create then I'll do what I can. This is something I picked up as a summer hobby, but it has since been turned into a passion. For me it is therapy, something so soothing it just takes me away. I have been brought closer to Christ through my journey and life experiences over the past year, and this outlet is just one way for me to give back.

I entered into our local Art Walk as apart of Miss. Kansas week. I knew then that I needed to crank out multiple paintings and take photos of my artwork for some publicity. I also knew that simply taking pictures of my paintings hanging on the wall was not going to cut it. So I ventured outside having in mind of putting them under a tree or up against the fence, when I realized our shed was decidedly the perfect backdrop. You do not have to wonder if the color of the bricks or the door is correct because they are indeed are.

Other Place BarnOther Place Barn Other Place BarnOther Place Barn Lake Perry SunriseLake Perry Sunrise Barn Between the TreesBarn Between the Trees Pond at DuskPond at Dusk Kansas Twilight StreamKansas Twilight Stream

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Evelyn | Play Day Evelyn

Play Day | Pratt, KS


It is the start of summer, and for Evelyn that means playing outside. Let me tell you how surprised I am at how much she enjoys posing for me. She doesn't always like having her picture taken, especially with a phone, but today she was all into it. She kept moving around and saying "here" and then would grab a props. This was just one of those really fun photo shoots where you capture the really personality of someone.

Like always ENJOY!


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Evelyn | Sunrise Shoot Evelyn

Sunrise Shoot | Pratt, KS


My big girl Evelyn turned two. She is such a little sweetheart, but you will see anything but that with this session. She wanted nothing to do with pictures and everything to do with mommy. I did eventually get her to run around, too bad she was too fast more me to snap pictures of. I had to take multiples at one second just to get a good one, and even then we were both going after each other. Well at least the first ones came out like I wanted, even though she is crying through them. I really did love the location and will attempt to re-do this session further on down the road. She'll still be two so it will all be the same in the end, her hair just may be longer!

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Evelyn | Birthday Book Photo Session Evelyn

2nd Birthday Book Session | Meriden, KS


My big girl Evelyn is turning two. She is such a little sweetheart. We love her to pieces and can't get over how much of a little helper she has become. She loves to play outside and ride around. One of her favorite things to do is to read books. Just for this reason we are planning a book themed party for her second birthday. 


(Andrea Stitt Photography) Birthday Blocks Blue Books Flowers Pink Quilt Table Thu, 23 Mar 2017 03:24:40 GMT
Evelyn | Outside Evelyn

Just Because | Pratt, KS


I wanted to take photos of Evelyn at 21 months. Simply for the fact that it is between 18 and 24 months. What happened was I forgot, and now we have 22-month photos. It was warm for February so I grabbed the chance to take a few photos of Evelyn while she was in a good mood. As you can imagine toddlers, their moods change like teenagers. Just take a glimpse at the range of her emotions from photos one to the end. She is miss grumpy and ends with miss bubbles. All the more reason to love her.

I did not work on the lighting, all I did was move her into the shadows. The result was that I needed to edit the photos a different way than I am used to. I played with the colors and the contrast. To me it played well with the sunset shadow lighting I started with. The background is actually our shed. It has nice lines, texture, and color so it was perfect for this session.

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Brick Crate Evelyn Girl Pink Wall Sat, 11 Feb 2017 20:15:00 GMT
Evelyn | Valentine's Day Evelyn

Valentine's Day Portraits | Pratt, KS


Evelyn can not take a bad photo. She is cute in every way especially when she is being ornery and silly. This session was an easy set-up and even easier to destroy. The quilt was given to her last year by grandma and made for a perfect backdrop that matched her outfit spot on. She loved using her props which kept her attention for just a few more photos.

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Bear Crate Cupcakes Hearts Quilt Red Toddler Toys Valentine's Day Sat, 21 Jan 2017 22:06:00 GMT
Evelyn | Christmas Evelyn

Christmas Portraits | Topeka, KS


I love taking photos for Christmas with this backdrop and this subject(s)! I attempted talking photos of Evelyn and Deacon together but they only wanted to play. This photo was the cutest still shot I got. I love it and feel as if it should be on a Christmas card. Not to mention the photos I got of Evelyn in her Christmas dress. She looks like a doll standing with her stroller. Can't get enough of the cuteness!

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Boy Christmas Dress Girl Red Santa Stroller Toddlers Tree Fri, 23 Dec 2016 22:06:00 GMT
Drake | Newborn Drake Baker

Newborn Portraits | Topeka, KS


What a handsome little man! I was blessed to take photos of the one week old little boy. This was a very simple in-home photo shoot, but I still was able to capture some sweet photos. Everything was working for this tiny little session. The blue and the brown were a great contrast. I forgot how easy it was to take photos of something so small. It is all in the details!

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Baby Basket Blue Boy Flooring Newborn Stripes Sat, 26 Nov 2016 22:06:00 GMT
Herbers | Family 2016 Glenn, Amber + Gannon Herbers

Family Portraits | Topeka, KS


I can always rely on our friends to give me an amazing session. The sunset gave for some great back light and wonderful colors. Gannon was a champ, for most of this session, which was amazing. These three take such great photos and it helps that they are so good looking!

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Baby Blue Boy Family Light Orange Sunset Trees Sat, 19 Nov 2016 22:06:00 GMT
Evelyn | 18 Months Evelyn

18 month Portraits | Pratt, KS


This session was difficult. The older Evelyn becomes, the more she squirms and runs away from you. Not that that matters when you can at least get some cute shots of her sitting still in the midst of her bolting.

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Baby Chair Dress Girl Trees Sat, 15 Oct 2016 21:06:00 GMT
Evelyn + Deacon Forth of July Deacon + Evelyn

Forth of July Portraits | Topeka, KS


These two never stop amazing me at how cute they can be for photos. It was very difficult just to get their photos taken which explains the limited shots from this session. With all that being said, quality is really all that matters when you have an adorable smile.

(Andrea Stitt Photography) Baby Blue Boy Flag Girl Quilt Red Sat, 09 Jul 2016 21:06:00 GMT