Evelyn | Birthday

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Evelyn Rose

365 days new | Topeka, KS


The day is here, Evelyn is one years old! My baby girl is no longer a baby, she is now a full fledged toddler. She has come so far so fast. Every day she changes and is just days away from walking across the whole house. She can climb, dance, high five, clap, shake her head, and so much more. She eats like a champ and babbles like crazy. She has a full head of blonde curly on the ends hair. She is so beautiful it's crazy. She still doesn't have any teeth but that first one is just about to come through. We have started introducing her to milk these past few weeks. She only had about a month of formula so we were really lucky with her taking to cows milk so well. She goes to the bathroom on her potty, only when mommy notices what she's about to do. She does it so well it should be a snap getting her fully trained. She is in that stage where it's "stranger danger", so she is shy when she first sees someone. Her personality is bubbling so I am so excited to see where she will take us here in the future.

For her birthday I wanted to surprise her with waking up to balloons in her bed which she loved throwing at daddy. We attempted at taking her smash cake photos but never got them finished. So, I have pictures of her cake and her but not the two of them together because she never got to eat it.



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