Evelyn | 8 Months

December 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Rose

8 Months | Topeka, KS


Another month has gone by and Evelyn has hit another milestone. Just within this week she has started crawling. Yes I said it, crawling. She is on the move. If I thought she was into everything before, she is even more so now. It's just absolutely amazing how fast time goes by and how fast they change. She started sitting up in bed, all on her own. Then the next thing I knew she was kneeling, pulling herself up on the railing. The very next day she was standing. She is pulling herself up on furniture, not standing but trying to. Her food repertoire is growing everyday. I have yet to find anything that she'll turn her nose up to. She enjoys fruits, but just like her daddy she loves her veggies. She is vocal, talking to anyone she sees. Though when it comes to men she's a big 'ole cheese. Her giggles, laughter and smiles just light up our lives. She looks up at you with those baby blues and you just can't help but fall under her spell. I am so in love with this little, amazing, wonderful baby girl.


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