Evelyn | Week 32 Pearl Snaps

November 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Evelyn Rose

221 days new | Topeka, KS


Sometimes you find an outfit and it sparks and idea for photos. This week I wanted to capture Evelyn's photos with her in this cute bib dress and pearl snap bodysuit, until I actually attempted to take her photos. When did she get so big? She is into everything. I sat her down outside and all she wanted to do was eat the leaves. I was able to get one photo in but she wasn't even looking at me. That and the sun was throwing glares at me. So I took her inside and used my backdrop wall that I haven't used in forever. The floor really went well with what she was wearing but I did take her out of her dress so you could see her pearl snap onesie better. And oh my goodness is Evelyn full of facial expressions. These faces are new this week too. She sucks in her lips and smiles at you which just looks hilarious. I can hardly recognize her from week to week she is changing so much. But she is still my beautiful baby girl. 


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